A Nun Blog - The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration

A Nun Blog - The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration "For God created man for incorruption, and made him in the Image of His own Eternity." Wisdom 2:23

Saturday, July 31, 2010

To Be Alive

In a cloister world, as in the greater portion of our civilization, holidays such as Labor day, and 4th of July are gratefully relished. Although for us there is no solid basis to petition for an “afternoon off - holiday” for “National Boss Day” or the like, there are plenty of Saints and significant events on our daily liturgical calendar to flavor what looks like an ordinary day. Recently we celebrated Saint Martha, patroness of cooks, who is often a favorite among those who thrive on ‘doing.’ Martha and Mary are often presented as the icons of the active and contemplative dimensions of our Christian life. So many writers and preachers have stressed that this ‘balance’ or union between the ‘Martha & Mary’ in our own lives is a good one to have! But perhaps it is their encounter with Jesus as the Resurrection which binds these two sisters together in a spectacular and profound way. It was to Martha, distraught over her brother’s death that Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25). And it was to Mary (if we consider Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene to be the same person), seeking Him in anguish at the empty tomb that He asked: “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom do you seek?” (John 20: 15). They both sought Jesus - the source of life. We too can come to Him each day knowing that as we do our work and take time to listen to Him, an ordinary day is filled with the Presence of God and we become truly alive!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Black and White

Less than a week before her first profession, Sr. Mary Veronica was crowned with flowers at an evening novitiate celebration which inaugurated her pre-profession retreat. Although by now the flowers of that wreath have faded and shriveled, they have been replaced by a different garment, and the time of retreat has given fresh vitality to our radiantly, committed new Junior Professed! July 22nd dawned clear and was filled with all varieties of joys. We can’t help but marvel at how all the important details fell into place by the ever mysterious hand of Divine Providence. Muffins for guests had been baked, table decorations assembled and the duet Psalm response practiced. More than one sister inquired if someone had stayed up ‘all night’ to furiously finish Sister Veronica’s vow card! (The actual scenario was less dramatic than envisioned: the glue on the card was drying by 3PM on the 21st!) Sister’s family made the trek from Wisconsin, and two of her brothers had the honor to participate in the presentation of her veil, monstrance and profession crucifix during the ceremony. As the black veil was handed to the newly professed, Father Dominic read the prayer that implores God that in wearing this garment she may be a ‘sign of the resurrection to come, and put on eternal life.’ Although there are no words to adequately relate the beauty of these sacred moments, the images give a glimpse of the effects of God’s grace. Thank you for your prayers for Sister! She will remember you before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament as she has been consecrated to Perpetual Adoration “on behalf of Holy Church.” (See the link to OLAM Homilies to hear the homily for Sr. Veronica’s Profession Mass).

Monday, July 12, 2010

Announcing... New Novices!

Our new novice foursome was completed on July 3rd as the final investment day arrived after MUCH anticipation – not to mention prayers, supplications and much ‘asking, seeking & knocking’ from these faithful sisters! One of the most climactic moments in a young nun’s life is the timeless span of seconds before receiving her new name. This agonizing time carries a special excitement as the new novice anxiously awaits to hear the name God has given her! During the investment ceremony our full-fledged postulants have their hair sheared. Then they slowly begin to resemble a PCPA as they are clothed piece by piece. These are inspiring moments for all as we recognize that this transformation is both a fulfillment and a promise of God’s abundant grace. Catching a glimpse of the young women’s parents as they see their once ‘little girl’ becoming a new person in Christ is unforgettable. She is not becoming a ‘Mrs. ___’, but Sister ____! Such ceremonies, like weddings, never get ‘old’ in monastic life. We now have sisters with new names, new patronesses, new grace, and a new leg of their journey to follow. They would tell you that despite the routines characteristic of this particular calling, theirs is no boring life. Since their big days, their new habits have been christened by plum juice stains in the canning room, a rousing water balloon fight on the 4th, and the usual rendezvous with the mop bucket or dust rag! When you are about to set out on your own travels to work, vacation, or a summer reunion, please remember these novices in your prayers – may God fulfill the great work He has begun in them! Bottom: Sr. Jeanette Marie of Divine Love & Sr. Chiara Marie of Jesus, True Light. Top: Sr. Edith Marie of Our Lady, Ark of the Covenant & Sr. Maria Maris Stella of the Holy Spirit.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Small Beginnings & Great Hopes!

Hello & Welcome to the blog of the PCPA
nuns in Hanceville, AL! Image & Likeness is a new beginning for us - this is our first blog, and an opportunity to share the good things that God is doing in this little corner of the USA. So often it's easy to forget or overlook the evidence that God is with us in the events of daily life, in our friends & neighbors, and in the challenges we face. But we hope that by 'remembering' post by post, we can come to appreciate with you the great goodness and dignity God has given to each us by calling us to strive for a deep friendship with Him. He has created us in His Image, & called us to fullness of joy as we come to be more like Him! This is a wild journey isn't it ?! And it's worth it!