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A Nun Blog - The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration "For God created man for incorruption, and made him in the Image of His own Eternity." Wisdom 2:23

Friday, July 2, 2010

Small Beginnings & Great Hopes!

Hello & Welcome to the blog of the PCPA
nuns in Hanceville, AL! Image & Likeness is a new beginning for us - this is our first blog, and an opportunity to share the good things that God is doing in this little corner of the USA. So often it's easy to forget or overlook the evidence that God is with us in the events of daily life, in our friends & neighbors, and in the challenges we face. But we hope that by 'remembering' post by post, we can come to appreciate with you the great goodness and dignity God has given to each us by calling us to strive for a deep friendship with Him. He has created us in His Image, & called us to fullness of joy as we come to be more like Him! This is a wild journey isn't it ?! And it's worth it!


Marie Di Stefano said...

Dear Sisters,
I look forward to the blogs and the photos, I am with you in spirit! God bless you all on your journey. The novices looks so happy!
May God bless you all and continued good health to Mother Angelica.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,

I am so pleased to see that you have started a blog. I really look forward to reading your posts and seeing your wonderful photos!

My thoughts and prayers are with Mother Angelica for a healthy recovery. God bless you sisters for your hard work and prayers as my prayers are with you always in support of your contemplative life.