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A Nun Blog - The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration "For God created man for incorruption, and made him in the Image of His own Eternity." Wisdom 2:23

Monday, February 21, 2011

Beginning Again

Not long ago, we had a reunion - Part II - with our AZ Sisters! Having recently moved ‘on site’ with their newly constructed chapel and in need of help to build a monastery, the Desert Nuns were invited to be on EWTN’s Life on the Rock show. That’s where their visit with us at OLAM began… sharing stories from the years when we’ve been many miles apart and getting a ‘simulated-imagine-it-in-your-mind’ tour of their chapel (with no pics!) from their chief ‘architect’ Sr. St. Paul, was great fun! All too soon, it was time to see them off…and off to the show!

Close on the heels of this excitement, another (albeit unexpected) ‘friend’ invited himself into the chapel. High up on a wall, by a large stained glass window there was a small black blot – a bat. Although his kind has taken refuge, or found adventure maneuvering their way into the Shrine – this one behaved quite differently from those who have previously visited us. As darkness fell, and the lights went off, this nocturnal creature put his flying, diving and swooping skills on display for Sisters spending an hour with the Lord! By nightlights and candlelight, these adorers saw enough to give them a night to remember! Providentially, that week we had readings at Mass about Noah and his incredible trial of faith: 40 days in the Ark with hoards of animals - and the known world obliterated. It made 1 night in the chapel with 1 bat sorely pale in comparison! Just imagining a ship the size of the Shrine filled with all kinds of creatures, having minimal light, ventilation and silence… made Noah seem more heroic than ever before. Thankfully he began again, all over again after the flood… or where would we be? So here we have it: another day to begin again!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sisters,
Firstly, Congratulations to the visiting nuns from Arizona. It is so good to hear that all is well in Tonopah!!
Now for the bat! I think I know which one of the sisters was blessed with this very unique hour of adoration!!?? Tell her hello for me!
God bless you all. I love ya'll so much!
With love in JMJ,
Tori Schmidt (a.k.a. Sister Nicole's sister)!

Anonymous said...

Holy Sister, Batman!!!!