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A Nun Blog - The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration "For God created man for incorruption, and made him in the Image of His own Eternity." Wisdom 2:23

Monday, July 25, 2011

Knock of Faith

On July 22nd, with three knocks at the enclosure door, Genevieve Rose entered the monastery as a postulant! The excitement, apprehension, and plethora of emotions that come with one’s entrance day, all surround (or enhance) that crucial, distilled moment of faith when one steps from the world to the cloister. It has been stated that the primary formation of cloistered nuns is a formation in faith. This very essential core of the Christian life is to take root and blossom for the good of the Church in the lives of all who live the monastic life. Faith is certainly exercised by all followers of Christ, or else we are not Christians at all… but sometimes when reading the Gospel passages about the faith that is ‘small as a mustard seed’ – that faith that ‘moves mountains,’ we can ask: ‘what does that kind of faith look like in everyday life?’ We don’t need to search beyond those favorite stories in scripture where David’s faith in God took the form of five smooth stones when he faced a gigantic insulter of the Almighty. Obviously he knew that as he was fighting for his Lord, God would be fighting for him. Our Lady cannot be overlooked in this regard, her ‘fiat mihi – be it done unto me,’ in total faith struck at the very foundation of the mountain of iniquity of the whole human race, and in time this mountain would ‘be cast into the sea’ of her Son’s mercy. And last week, we saw our new Sister’s faith take root as she knocked at the cloister door. Small beginnings, yes – but with God all things are possible! Please pray for Sr. Genevieve Rose as she wholeheartedly gives herself to this new life in faith!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sister Genevieve Rose! I am soooo happy for you! May God bless you through this very special year!
Tori Schmidt...a.k.a...Sr. Nicole's sister! :) :) !!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and God's richest blessings to you, Sr. Genevieve Rose. I know Jesus and His Most Blessed Mother will be with you and guide you every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to each of you, especially dear Genevieve Rose and Sr. Mary Paschal for the "Gift". Thank you for your prayers for all of us. Wow!! Awesome! We will remember you all in Mass, Prayers of the Faithful, this week! Port Huron, Michigan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sr Genevieve Rose.
Have been waiting patiently to see your pictures. May God Bless you and guide you through your journey to become a Poor Clare. It is so comforting to know that your sisters and you are praying for us all. God Bless!

Scott said...

Congratulations and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying 'yes', Sr. Genevieve Rose. May God bless you always and may the Blessed Virgin Mary walk with you in your faith journey. I will pray for you too.