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A Nun Blog - The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration "For God created man for incorruption, and made him in the Image of His own Eternity." Wisdom 2:23

Saturday, August 20, 2011

WYD Front Row

Watching World Youth Day 2011 from ‘front row seating’ (as we like to call it here at OLAM - via EWTN), one cannot help but stand in awe at the immensity, not only of the event itself and the faith it proclaims, but the action of grace at work. As we were staring intently at the screen with this event unfolding before us, soaking in the power of the Holy Father’s message, we were also half engrossed in the ordinary routines of opening mail, folding stacks of library cards and sorting basil. Yet these little tasks suddenly opened out onto the extraordinary vista of WYD – mail and the Pope, basil and a million souls in prayer, cheers of ‘Viva Il Papa’ and silent adoration, God and the world. You may have seen the staggering view of more than a million gathered with the Holy Father and Christ Himself in the Eucharist. What an amazing sight, drawn further into the heart as one by one, individuals’ faces are seen. Here we are – sons and daughters of the one Father, brought together by one faith, one Lord, one God. In these souls, and in all those united in prayer before Jesus truly present, is the field, the soil where the Holy Spirit is at work. The silent heart present to God, attentive to His word, seeking to find and serve Him in one’s neighbor – this is where faith can take firm roots! That means the possibility for all of us to bear fruit abundantly. Whether we are in Madrid, starting classes, looking for work, taking care of little ones at home, paying bills… the life giving fruit that brings goodness to the lives of others, hope in suffering, and unabashed joy in the midst of contradiction all starts with Christ, with silently gazing at Him. And by faith we see that He too is gazing at us.


Anonymous said...

Hi!! :)
World youth day is so awesome! How amazing it must be to join in prayer with the Holy Father! I pray that I will be able bear fruit abundantly as I begin my last year of high school! Please keep me in your prayers sisters! May God bless you all! Love ya! :)
Tori Schmidt...a.k.a...Sr. Nicole's sister!

Anonymous said...


Just returning from Madrid, Spain World Youth Day fills me with gratitude for being a daughter of the Roman Catholic Church. The graces of seeing our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI fill me with an awesome wonder of the presence of God in humanity. We are indebted to Christ for the opportunity to encounter Christ in a special way during the pilgrimage to Spain and am grateful for the vocations that will spur from this encounter with our Holy Father!

Anonymous said...

I watched as much as I could of the WYD coverage on EWTN-normally I don't have TV at home but I was away from 8/20 to 8/26, so I had TV where I was staying.

It was wonderful! The Way of The Cross was AWESOME! Those statuary groups were incredible to see-so lifelike!

The Saturday Evening Vigil was 'an adventure' to quote the Holy Father, to say the least! He was absolutely UNFLAPPABLE! He was going to stay through that storm no matter what! And the kids...what can I say? Their enthusiasm was contagious!

I also enjoyed the closing Mass (when I wasn't dropping off to sleep in my room) and the meeting with the WYD volunteers. Man, I couldn't believe all the little babies who were passed up to the Holy Father to be blessed and kissed! That was sweet!

Barb in NY

Summer Place Eternal said...


Deo gratias for our wonderful Faith, and how blessed we are to share in it. Some days, I wonder, how I could do more in my current state in life, to assist the lost and lonely souls around the world.

Benedicite, PCPAs. :)

Summer Place Eternal said...

And how wonderful it was to see Catholics come out in the massive numbers they did, and the Sacrament of Penance offered en masse....then Mass offered en....Masse! :)